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Engagement Tools

We think that future of iGaming is behind additional experiences & mechanics for games: Tournaments, Races, Promotions.

That’s why we are focused on providing best tools for player engagement.

Engagement Tools


In-game chat is a great tool for creating game community with loyal players.

It’s also new layer of communication and marketing medium for casino.


Let players to speak to each other and enrich iGaming experience.


Integrated tools allow players to share every round played.

Live Bets

Everyone can see how much other players are betting and winning.

This adds new layer of excitement and social interaction to the gameplay.

Rain Promo Feature

This special promo feature adds amount of free bets into chat, at random times. Any player can claim these free bets by taping on “claim” button.

In addition to this, any player can make “rain” from chat: by entering amount and selecting number of drops.

Increases chat interaction

Increases player time

Free Bets

Free bets are the best way to introduce game to your customers or just use as a gift in random promotions and giveaways.

Fully Manageable

Give free bets individually, with batch upload or via API.

Simple yet Effective

One of most basic & effective tools for player engagement.