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Provably Fair

Our games are based on cryptographic technology called “Provably Fair”. This technology guarantees 100% fairness of game result. With this technology, it’s impossible for any third party to interfere in game process.

How it works

Server seed:

Player seed:

Combined seed:

Hashed in SHA512:

Round result:

Result of each round (Dice roll in Backgammon, Cards in Poker etc.) is not generated on our servers. It’s generated with help of round players and is fully transparent. This way, it’s impossible for anyone to manipulate game output. Also, anyone can check and confirm game fairness.

Operator is generating server seed (Random 16 symbols). Hashed version of this server seed is available publicly before round starts.

Client seed is generated on the side of each player and when round starts, we combine server seed with client seeds and generate hashed SHA512 seed.

From SHA512 hash are generated round results. Each game has slightly different mathematics for generating result – to match game requirements.

How it works

Mini Roulette Round Sample

Hashed version of next rounds server seed is available publicly in settings window (In user menu, check ‘Provably Fair Settings’ and then ‘Next server seed SHA256’).

You can also change your client seed here.

Fairness of each game round can be checked and verified. In each game locate game history and click on “provably fair” icon. In opened window, you will see server seed, players seeds, combined hash and round result.